From intimate and caring to energetic and upbeat.
  Friendly, informative or businesslike.

  Warm and upbeat opening to corporate video for
high-profile communication technology company
  Serious and informative narration of company
documentary on the protection of forests
  Grave, dramatic and concerned delivery of TV spot
for non-profit organization
  Soft-sell but enthusiastic narration of corporate video
  Narration of high-end and artistic presentation of Fashion Cosmetic and
Personal Care Color-Trend Forecast for multinational chemical corporation.
  Light, playful and friendly character voice of TV spot
for electronic company
  Clear and poised webmercial for
major computer company
  Instructions for on-board arrival video
of major airline company
  Narration of medical research video
on anti-platelets and anti-coagulants
  Soft-sell, documentary-like narration of promotional video
about innovative European faucet designer and manufacturer
  Pleasant, professional and welcoming phone messages for international
supplier of networking and communication products
  Children and adult cartoon voices, male and female, for animated CD-ROM
on children safety
  Softly enthousiastic, light but reassuring webmercial in lightly French-accented
English, for children's daycare center