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  • Interactive voice-response system for auto finance company
Argos Computer
  • Estée Lauder "Time Reporting System" interactive voice-response service for employees
  • "Audix"-"Intuity" and "Ovation" phone and messaging systems
  • "WorldPlus" calling cards and phone services
  • "International Redial", "TAD Time"
  • "Hot Desk" phone and messaging systems
  • "United Messenger" phone and messaging systems
Berkley Productions
  • AT&T phone and messaging systems
  • Copelco Capital Interactive Voice-Response Service
  • Global Priority Call Management
  • GlobalTel "PrimeCall" Phone Card
  • Xerox Interactive Voice-Response Service
Everest Broadband Systems
  • Audio Messages for IVR system
  • PT1 PrePaid Phone Card
  • BizFon and BizTouch Phone Systems
  • PayTel Communications and Public Communications Services

Gallup Organization

  • Interactive polls for Edwards LifeSciences WorldWide
  • Interactive polls for Owens Corning
Lucent Technologies
  • "Ovation", "Audix-Intuity" (Crédit Suisse/First Boston, J.P. Morgan Paris, etc.)
  • "Messaging 500" (Eurogeneris 500 / Partner 500), "Messaging 1000"
  • "Serenade", "Golden Gate" phone and messaging systems
New York Apple Tours
  • Phone Answering Service and Information Line
Nortel Networks
  • American Express interactive information services
  • CN Rail Auto-Attend IVR services
  • Hewitt Associates IVR services
  • MCI WorldCom/Daimler Chrysler
  • New York City Human Resources Administration IVR services
  • PeriStudio IVR System basic prompts
  • Sprint Canada for Human Resources Development of Canada (HRDC) – IVR Main Application,
    Télédec, Dépôts Directs and Télémessages (national and local)
  • UBS PaineWebber/Dell Computers Stock-Option Plan IVR services
  • UBS PaineWebber/Medtronic Stock-Option Plan IVR services
  • UBS PaineWebber XYZ Stock-Option Plan IVR Services demo
Periphonics Corporation
  • American Express Card interactive information services
  • Andersen Consulting IVR services
  • Bank of America IVR services
  • Bencharge IVR services
  • Cable & Wireless Bermuda Calling Card
  • Hewitt Associates IVR services (for Banque de Montréal, Ford Canada, Eli Lilly Canada, Compaq Canada, GM Canada, London Life, AT&T, Pratt & Whitney Canada, National Trust)
  • Mary Kay Canada IVR services
  • MCI Chrysler IVR services
  • PeopleSoft Global Support Center
  • Periphonics Calling Card Platform
  • PeriStudio IVR system basic prompts
  • Salomon Smith Barney Stock Plan IVR services
  • Sea-Land Call-Prompter services
  • PaineWebber, PaineWebber/Medtronic Stock-Option Plan IVR services
  • PaineWebber/Dell Computers Stock-Option Plan IVR services
Premiere Technologies
  • "Worldlink" Prompts
Shareholders Communications
  • Interactive Answering Systems for Honeywell

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