Experienced female narrator and voice-over talent.
  A voice that will make your projects come alive in French.

Animation / Cartoon Voices
  • Calmylin Syrups TV Spot
  • GapKids "Snow Day" and "Recess Rules!" CD-ROM games
  • SafetyTots International "What's the Safest Thing to Do?" CD-ROM (all voices - children and adults)
Corporate Videos
  • Ademco "Image 2000" and "Commercial Rollout" videos (narration)
  • AlliedSignal "Integrity" video (narration)
  • Andersen Consulting "BPM-TV" Report (narration)
  • Boston Scientific "Corporate Integrity Program" video (narration)
  • Calvin Klein annual corporate videos (narration)
  • Carlson Companies "A Genius for Living" video
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu corporate video (narration)
  • Gardiner-Caldwell SynerMed video (voice-overs)
  • GE "Intégrité: L'esprit et la lettre de notre engagement" (narration)
  • GE Capital "GE Capital in a Changing World" video (voice-overs)
  • Huntsman "Response-Able" video (voice-overs)
  • IBM Netfinity corporate video (voice-over)
  • Johnson & Johnson "All That's Missing" video for employees
  • ITT Technologies "Engineered for Life" video (voice-over)
  • Schering-Plough "1995 Year in Review" video (voice-overs)
  • Stone Container corporate videos (voice-overs)
  • Swedish Match "Discover the World of Swedish Match" video (narration)
  • Unisys "Law and Exports", "Pay for Performance", "Year 2000", "Ethics" and "Transforming Business, Touching Lives" videos (narration and voice-overs)
Documentaries (Non-Commercial / United Nations)
  • Hadassah International videos (narration and/or voice-overs)
  • UNICEF video (voice-overs)
  • United Nations "Year in Review" videos (yearly voice-overs)
  • United Nations "The Menace of Landmines" video (voice-over narration)
  • United Nations "Against the Odds" video (narration)
  • UNPD (United Nations Programs Development) video, Division of
    Personnel (voice-overs)
  • Caterpillar "A Common Ground" - video on mining (lip-synching)
  • Caterpillar "Low-Impact Logging" video (narration)
  • Ortho Biotech "How to"/"Patient Testimonials" virtual reality shows
    (narration and voice-overs)
Educational – French as Second Language
  • Berlitz Instructions for French-as-second-language lessons on tapes
  • Harcourt, Brace & Co. – French teaching material
  • Harcourt, Brace & Co. "Littérature en contexte" – Reading of book excerpts
  • Houghton Mifflin – French teaching material
  • Language Productions Interactive CD-ROM "Who's Oscar Lake?"
  • New York Audio Productions – French teaching material
  • SunGroup – French teaching material
Employee Training Videos and CD-ROMs
  • Audi and Volkswagen "Max Network-Playing to Win" training videos (principal announcer and voice-overs / set of three videos)
  • Audi "Detailing" and "Immobilizer" (training sketches)
  • Caterpillar Safety Video (voice-overs)
  • Drake Beam Morin "The Executive Interview" (lip-synching, training sketches)
  • Dupont "Stop for Employees" safety training videos (set of seven videos)
  • General Electric "Six Sigma" Programs CD-ROM (narration)
  • Loews Hotels "Loews Star Service" (voice-overs, training sketches)
  • Parke Davis Medical Courses on CD-ROM (narration)
  • PharmaStar ("VaDas Holdenwang", "VaDas Lyman" and "CIBIC Plus" Medical Interviews) - Role of interviewer
  • Sodexho Marriot Services "Learning Systems" training sketches
  • Volkswagen "Detailing", "Immobilizer", "Getting on the same T.E.A.M", "Bad Service" / " Good Service" and "Inspiring Apostles" videos (lip-synching)
  • Volkswagen Repair Services video (voice-overs)
  • Warner-Lambert on Alzheimer's Disease (lip-synching, role of patient)
  • Zenger Miller training sketches (lip-synching)
  • Estée Lauder "Apply Yourself" / "À vous de jouer" CD-ROM (narration)

In-Store Interactive / In-Store Messaging

  • Nancy Ganz Body Slimmers in-store interactive (narration)
  • Wal-Mart in-store winter apparel audio promotional (narration)
  • Maison de Givenchy "Organza" in-store promotional video (narration)
Instructional Videos
  • Ademco/ADT "Home-Safety System", "Lynx", "Ready Guard" videos (narration)
  • Arneson Pool Vac and Aquadroid videos (narration)
  • Continental Airlines 737-300, 737-700, 767-200, and 757 On-Board Safety Demonstration Videos (narration)
  • Continental Airlines 777 On-Board Multi-Function Handset Instructions (narration)
  • Continental Airlines Houston International Arrival On-Board Video (narration)
  • Continental Airlines Newark International Arrival On-Board Video (narration)
  • Estée Lauder "Apply Yourself" / "À vous de jouer" CD-ROM (narration)
  • FM "Hot Work Fire Safety" video (voice-over)
  • Nasdaq.com tutorial for Times Square exhibit (narration)
  • "Wall Safe In-Service" video (narration)
  • Frank Oz movie "The Score".
Promotional Videos
  • Ademco/ADT "Ademco Video" video (narration)
  • Aloette Cosmetics video (narration)
  • American Express "Becoming American Express" video (voice-over)
  • AT&T Language Line Services video for Trade Show Exhibit (narration)
  • Aveda Christmas promotional (in French-accented English)
  • Citibank "Citibank: A World of Opportunities" video (voice-overs)
  • Citibank "Wordlink System" video (voice-overs)
  • Citrix "Virtual Workplace" video (voice-overs)
  • Colgate Tooth Whitening System promotional video (narration)
  • Evian promotional video (narration)
  • Hadassah International videos (narration and/or voice-overs for several videos)
  • J.P. Morgan promotional video (sound bites in French for Trade Show presentation)
  • KPMG "Tax Connections" video (voice-overs)
  • Lucent Technologies videos on Call Centers: "Transportation", "Utilities", "Cross-Industries", "Financial" (voice-overs)
  • Olsten Corporation video (narration)
  • Ruder Finn "Clorazil Video" (voice-overs)
  • Sephora-Rockefeller Center video (voice-overs)
  • Sequent Computers "Leader in Data Center Solutions" video (narration)
  • Viagra promotional (voice-over - role of wife)
  • "Visteon Brand" video (narration of introduction)
Promotional – Product Launches
  • Motorola i85s Launch and Telus Launch (narration)
  • Gillette Mach3 Satellite Launch (narration)
Promotional – Tourism
  • St.Petersburg Tourism Office promotional spots (principal for two :30 spots)
  • New York State "I NY" video, NY Dept. of Economic Development (voice-overs)
  • Mexico Tourism Office "Vibrant Mexico" video (narration)
Radio and TV Spots
  • cKbe "Theo-Skinny" radio spot (principal)
  • Calmylin Syrups TV spot (cartoon voices)
  • Easy Spirit (Nine West) "Get-Fit Sale", "Spa Freshened", "Fitness: Walk Run Walk", "Once-a-Year Sale", "Outwalk the Dog", "Change your Shoes" TV spots (off-camera principal)
  • EDS "Cat Herders" TV spot (tag line)
  • FTD Christmas TV spot (off-camera principal)
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society TV spot (off-camera principal)
  • Olympus Stylus "Mimic" TV Spot (off-camera principal)
  • Olympus Stylus "Beach" TV Spot (off-camera principal)
  • Olympus Cameda "Seesaw" TV Spot (off-camera principal)
  • Radisson Hotels TV spot (French sound bite)
  • Schultz "Vintage TV" TV spot (voice-over for on-camera principal)
  • Shriners Hospitals for Children "Live Announcer", "Testimonials", "Diane Auman Testimonial", "Parents Testimonials" and "Moms" TV and radio spots (narration and voice-overs)
  • Virgin Records radio spot (in French-accented English)

TV News/Info

  • ABC 20/20 "Hidden Children of the Holocaust" (in French-accented English)
  • WNBA (Women National Basketball Association) TV Special (in French-accented English)
TV Spot Demos
  • Fallon McElligott TV spot demo for Saint-Gobain (off-camera principal)
  • Glaxo-Wellcome "Advair" :90 TV spot demo (off-camera principal)
  • IBM "Conference Call" TV spot demo (voice-over)
  • Johnson & Johnson "OB Tampon" TV spot demo (off-camera principal)
  • Pfizer "StrongHold" TV spot demo (off-camera principal)
Web Sites
  • Crest Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice, "Oral and Perioral Piercing" web page
  • IBM NetVista Kiosk webmercial (off-camera principal)
  • webLearning tutorial for Aventis Pharma "Aventage e-Shopping" (narration)

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